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East Coast Supra Presents Mikey Botti's OTS Tuning Package.

Stage 1 - Downpipe/Intake/ Pump Gas Tune

Stage 2 - Downpipe/Intake/Flex Fuel/ Methanol (optional)

Stage 3 - Downpipe/Intake/Flex Fuel/ Methanol/Upgraded Turbo


EcuTek Kit Includes 

  • EcuTek ProECU Programming Kit (Bluetooth)
    • Case
    • ECU Connect Vehicle Interface (Bluetooth)
    • Mini USB Cable
    • ProECU DesKey
  • EcuTek Programming License (For 1 vehicle)
  • Back to Stock Mapping File
  • Optional OTS Mapping

Bluetooth allows advanced tools and features via iOS/Android

  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Reading/Clearing 
  • Performance Analyzer
  • Data logging without a laptop


Ecutek Kit Featuring Mikey Botti OTS Tunes


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