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VTT noticed a hole in the A9X/Z4 market for a high-quality, lightweight, NVH-friendly, and easy-to-install Diff Lock Down kit to improve diff stability under launching, and hard cornering. So we did something about it and went to work on a very innovative design that 100% positively locks the diff down from movement, while shielding it from adding a ton of NVH, and can be used with the stock diff, and subframe bushings. This design uses existing mounting points on the vehicle, you do NOT have to remove the subframe or the Diff to install. Simply remove 4 diff bolts, drill two holes in the subframe slightly bigger, install two M10 riv-nuts, and install the lockdown, you do not even have to move the exhaust. A typical install can be 15-30 minutes for someone who is experienced working on vehicles, an hour if you like taking it slow. You WILL need a Riv-nut tool to install the Riv-nuts, we provide a link below for what we recommend on Amazon.


Lightweight 1.5 lbs for the entire lockdown plate

Uses FOUR connection points on the Diff, and two on the subframe for the ultimate in positive diff location, this will stop all diff movement on launch, saving your guibos, etc

100% Billet construction from 6061-T6 aluminum

Anodized in 4 colors for corrosion resistance, a long-lasting finish, and good looks

The subframe does NOT have to be removed for installation

Uses all 12.9 grade hardware

Does not add excessive NVH

Positively locks down the diff to eliminate all unwanted movement under launches, acceleration, cornering, etc.

Kit Includes:

Diff Lockdown kit

All 12.9 Hardware

13mm Drill bit for Riv-nut

2 – M10 Riv-Nuts

Optional rubber isolation mat

Manual Riv-Nut Tool

Drill Riv-Nut Tool

VTT A9X Supra/BMW Z4 Billet Diff Lock Down Kit