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Turbo kit includes

Manifold True Twin Scroll T4 Divided Dual Wastegate
3.5″ Down Pipe
Dump Tubes (X2)
Intercooler Piping with 3 Weld Fittings/ 1 BOV Flange
Turbo Blanket w/ Springs
3″ Pro Clamp Full Assembly
3″ Coupler w/ Hose Clamps
Vband Clamp for Down Pipe
Turbo Studs & Turbo Gasket
10AN Nylon Braid Hose (X3)
Nylon Hose end Fittings   (1 X Straight),(1 X 45Degree)
 Stainless Braid Oil feed Line 2′ Vibrant
Silicon Vacuum Hose
Heat Shield
4AN to 4AN 90 Degree Oil Feed Fitting
Oil Return Block Fitting 10AN
Oil Feed Block Fitting 4AN
Coolant Block Off Front
Coolant Block Off Back
Turbo Oil Drain Fitting / with Bolts (qty.2)
M6x1.0x20mm Bolts for Intercooler Piping (X2)
Oil Drain Heat Sleeve (30 Inches)
Heat Tape (65 Inches)
Vacuum T Fittings (X2)

KLM A90 Supra 2-Port Turbo Kit