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The PTE PT6466 Gen2 Turbo with ball bearing CHRA. This is the "Gen2" version with the 7-blade CEA compressor wheel. Photos are for reference as each turbo can be configured differently. Please review all options for the compressor cover, exhaust housing inlet and outlet and A/R ratios.

• Ball Bearing (BB) (Air-Cooled, Dual Ceramic)
• Gen2 7-Blade CEA Compressor Wheel
• 64mm Inducer Compressor Wheel
• 66mm, 76 Trim CEA Turbine Wheel
• Rated for 900 HP
• PTE "Street and Race Turbo"

Compressor Cover Options:
• S Cover Ported (4.0" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet)

Turbine Housing Options:
• T3 with 4-Bolt (2.5") Outlet
• T3 with 5-Bolt Outlet (with or without wastegate hole)
• T3 with 3" OD V-Band Outlet
• V-Band T3 Inlet with V-Band Outlet
• T4 or T4 Divided with 3 5/8" OD V-Band Outlet

Shipping Times:
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.
PTE Turbos are built to your specifications.


See more about the different PTE housing options, compressor covers and PTE videos to help you get your turbo built correctly!

PTE 6466 Gen2 Ball Bearing Options
SP Cover (4.0" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet)

PTE Part NumberCompressor CoverExhaust Housing InletExhaust Housing OutletA/R
21304210089S Cover PortedT3 InletT3 Inlet.63
21304210109S Cover PortedT3 InletT3 Inlet.82
21304210179S Cover PortedT3 Inlet5-Bolt Outlet.63
21304210189S Cover PortedT3 Inlet5-Bolt Outlet with Wastegate Hole.63
21304210099S Cover PortedT3 InletV-Band Outlet.63
21304210119S Cover PortedT3 InletV-Band Outlet.82
21304210139S Cover PortedV-Band T3 InletV-Band T3 Outlet.82
21304210149S Cover PortedV-Band T3 Inlet (Stainless Housing)V-Band T3 Outlet (Stainless Housing).82
21304210799S Cover PortedV-Band T3 Inlet (Stainless Housing)V-Band T3 Outlet (Stainless Housing)1.05
21304210199S Cover PortedT4 InletV-Band Outlet.58
21304210209S Cover PortedT4 InletV-Band Outlet.68
21304210219S Cover PortedT4 InletV-Band Outlet.81
21304210229S Cover PortedT4 InletV-Band Outlet.96
21304210239S Cover PortedT4 Divided InletV-Band Outlet.85
21304210249S Cover PortedT4 Divided InletV-Band Outlet1.00
21304210259S Cover PortedT4 Divided InletV-Band Outlet1.15
21304210269S Cover PortedT4 Divided InletV-Band Outlet1.32


Precision PTE 6466 Gen2 CEA Ball Bearing Turbo


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