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Our rebuild focuses on fortifying the overall holding power and reliability of your transmission. Through modifications and replacement of oem parts to our own billet parts we are able to achieve the highest clutch counts currently available on the market and the most holding power possible. With each stage increases clutch and holding capacity along with additional parts.

The main components of our build feature.

Billet Clutch Hub

Upgraded Clutches and Steels Throughout Entire Transmission

All New Gaskets, Seals and Rings

Upgrades O-Rings and Seals Within The Valve-Body Assembly

Cog Drives and Shaft Modified For Better Lubrication Transfer

Heat Treated & Hard Anodized Clutch Baskets

Brand New Pan, Filter Element & Fluid

Laser Etched Logo

The main benefit of the high stall torque converter is the increased RPM stall while foot braking, this will help you build more boost and leave harder while launching. Especially important for leaving in second gear.

Converter features:

Super alloy billet stator

Performance lockup clutch assembly

Fully internally tig welded

Turbine blade sequence modifications

Performance bearing assembly

Pure Drivetrain Solutions ZF 8HP 51 STAGE 3 PACKAGE


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