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MOTIV is excited to present the newest member of the ReFlex family - the ReFlex LITE. Using the same precise form of sequential fuel injection, the ReFlex LITE brings a more affordable fuel controller without the additional features of the ReFlex or ReFlex PLUS.

Sequential fuel injection

Injector harness included (Inline4, Inline6, V6, and V8 available)

Preloaded with firmware to run right out of the box. Just load one of the free base maps for your injector size and you are ready to go. All maps are unlocked and editable for custom tuning adjustments.

High resolution calibration tables

24x24 cell RPM vs MAP

0-48psi MAP pressure range

250RPM increments up to 8500RPM

High resolution datalogging

Fault detection status available to monitor in the MOTIV ReFlex Tuning Suite and TunerPRO RT.

Compact in size

Universal fitment

Simple installation

Motiv Reflex Lite


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